Amicalola Falls & Montaluce Winery

I’ve never considered myself a ‘city girl’ so I’m glad that even though I live in Atlanta I have the opportunity to visit some amazing hiking trails! This Sunday it was time to explore someplace new. We made our way to Amicalola Falls about an hour and half north of Atlanta!


Amicalola is the highest waterfall in Georgia, and let me tell you, my thighs could feel it! We climbed over 600 stairs up to the top of the waterfall (and that’s not including the small hike uphill to the stairs!) But what goes up… must come down!


I grew up in Washington, so I was always surrendered by water and mountains. However, living in Atlanta that is definitely not the case… it’s very flat! When we got to the top of the waterfall the view was breath taking and completely worth the pain in my legs, but it also reminded me of being in the PNW!


The hike overall isn’t too difficult, it’s truly the stairs that will get to you! What’s also exciting is this park is where the Appalachian Trail begins – I know I couldn’t do the 2200 mile long hike to Maine though! Haha! Seriously though, there are people that do that hike and it takes months!

Anytime I go to Northern Georgia there is always one other thing I LOVE to do… go to Wineries! What’s better after a tedious hike in 90 degree weather than a glass of rose? It was only a 20 minute drive from the trail to Montaluce Winery.


I’ve never been to Tuscany, but I felt like it on Sunday. We pulled up to the winery and I immediately felt under dressed – you know, we were just on a hike so I’m wearing leggings and a sweaty tank top! However, we walk in and everyone inside couldn’t have been nicer! They also suggested we head to the patio to check out the view!


WOW! We sat on the patio, took in the view, and I sipped on my rose! I wish I was able to try the food, however, we had packed our lunch and had a little picnic at the base of Amicalola Falls so I wasn’t the least bit hungry. I’ve been to a handful of wineries in the past few years in Georgia, but this one is my new favorite. I loved the staff, view, and atmosphere… and not too mention the wine!

Thanks for stopping by to see the latest adventure we took 🙂


Alexis Joann

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