St. Augustine

Before I lived in Atlanta I had never been anywhere on the East Coast. Now that I’m here all I want to do is explore everything The South has to offer since I’m really not sure how long I’ll be here.

I love the beach. I mean I REALLY love the beach. If I could be a beach bum I totally would, but I can’t so I’ve decided to visit it as much as possible.

We made our way to St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a beautiful, old city. Apparently the oldest city in the US.

We had to visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse. It’s on Anastasia Island & has a beautiful view. If you’re afraid of heights beware! It’s just one bar between you & falling to the bottom, haha!


I enjoyed that fact that as you climbed the lighthouse it had interesting facts on each platform. I wish I could remember everything, but I do remember something about a little boy throwing his cat off the top of the lighthouse. (I’ll have to look into that later ha)

The platforms are also enjoyable because you can stop and take a breath! It’s a lot of stairs to the top, but well worth it! The view was gorgeous!


We stayed out on the beach at Castillo Real, it was a lovely hotel. It was quiet and Spanish inspired. The best part was it was on the beach. So we were able to relax & tan. It was also a full moon, and I wish we got a better picture!


Lastly, we wanted to see was the Castillo de San Marcos aka the oldest fort in the continental United States. I was fascinated and disturbed by the history of the fort.


What makes this fort unique is that it’s made of shells. Basically, all the wooden forts were burnt to the ground so they needed a new way to protect the city (I still remember a few things from our tour of the fort! Ha!).

As we walked through the fort we could see the indents in the side of the wall where canons hit and fighting took place. When a canon was shot at the fort it would get lodged in the wall of shells rather than the wall shattering.


Overall, it was a wonderful little trip to St. Augustine! If you like history I highly recommend a visit!!


Alexis Joann

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