Chateau Elan Getaway

If you love wine & beautiful scenery then I have the place for you: Chateau Elan Winery & Resort! in Braselton, Georgia.


Justin & I went for one night & had a wonderful time. We stayed on a Sunday night, and purchased the ‘Million Miles from Monday’ package. There are some fabulous perks with this package:

  1. Late check out @ 4:00 pm!
  2. $200 resort credit (can be used anywhere on the resort!)

We arrived around 1:00 pm on Sunday & check-in wasn’t until 4:00 pm. However, they had available rooms so we were able to snag a room and head to the wine tour.


Dress: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Target

The wine tour began at 1:30 and I mean 1:30 on the dot! We spent the first 15 minutes outside in the vineyard. We loved our tour guide, she was knowledgable and passionate about the wine. We learned that muscadine grapes are native to the SE of the United States & that’s what’s pictured below.

Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sunglasses: Prada

After being outside in the sweltering Georgia heat we made our way back inside to see how the wine is made. They showed us how the white & red wine are made differently + how they are bottled! Did you know each barrel of red wine holds about 275 bottles of wine? I’ll take one barrel, please! 🙂

The tasting was my favorite. I did the ‘Old World’ tasting & it was $25 (but that goes towards our $200 credit). I prefer red wines to white so here’s my ranking: 1. Pinot Noir Reserve 2. Sauvignon Reserve 3. Rose Reserve 4. Scarlet Reserve 5. Merlot Reserve 6. The 3 whites were a tie… but Sauvignon Blanc Reserve might be the winner between the three.

In the almost three years that I’ve know Justin he’s NEVER had a glass of wine with me. I was delighted when he said he’d try a glass. He kind of even liked it!!


There are multiple places to eat but we decided to eat at Versailles. We started with the Cheese Plate… this could have been my entree there was so much cheese!! However, the best part about the Cheese Plate was the Firewood Thicket Jam (which I ate all to myself because Justin doesn’t eat things like that, ha! That’s the perk of dating a picky eater, I get all the good stuff to myself!!).

When it came time for the main course I ordered the NY Strip & Justin ordered the Rib Eye. I could have passed on the green beans, & should have gotten the potatoes like Justin. However, the steak was wonderful. It was juicy, cooked perfectly, & seasoned lightly, but jut enough. Justin demolished his (all 16 oz) & I almost finished mine (12 oz) before I got too full.

This is how I know we are getting old… we wake up early on our vacations.  Justin had a tee time at 10:00 at the golf course, yes I know 10 am isn’t early but we were up around 7:30!

IMG_6169It’s was just a short drive down the road to the golf course & we arrived at 9:20 so he could warm up. My plan was to eat breakfast, but unfortunately they were remodeling so it wasn’t open (I drove down to Burger King and ordered a breakfast croissant, it was only 1 mile away).


I don’t golf. So I had one job – take pictures, oh & drink mimosas! Sounds like a marvelous  Monday morning to me. I had the camera around my neck & had a blast taking pictures of Justin. Especially since it’s a new camera & I haven’t played with it too much (note: almost all pictures on here were taken on the camera).

The golf course was charming. It had a waterfall & a few small bridges to add character. However, it was a little confusing at times. The layout was a little different if you’re not familiar with it.

Overall, we had a great little getaway! I’m looking forward to our next time back! It’s only about 45 minutes north of Atlanta so we can easily go on our day off & drink some wine!

xoxo, Alexis

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