Palm Springs

This past week I travelled to Palm Springs, California for a friends 30th birthday! Everyday was over 100 degrees but I never once said, “it’s too hot” the way I do in Atlanta. I realized I love the dry heat!!


We flew in Saturday afternoon & I was the last to arrive. So the girls picked me up from the airport and the festivities began! We had the best airbnb, great distance to everything we needed and of course a pool! No surprise, the pool was the first place we headed.

We spent the afternoon drinking, tanning & gossiping. I only get to see these girls a few times a year since I live so far away, but I love that anytime we get together it’s like nothing’s changed.

I wasn’t ready for what we were about to experience on Sunday. I mean I like to shop, but the others take shopping to a whole other level! We went to Desert Hills Premium Outlets, & OMG it was amazing! They had everything I love; Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Valentino & so much more! I did good & only found a swim suit at Ted Baker & t-shirt from YSL. 😉


T-shirt Dress: ATM | Sunglasses: Forever21 | Shoes: YSL

On the way to the outlet mall we had to make the stop at In-N-Out of course! You can’t go to California & not get it!

Also on the way out to the outlet mall we stopped to see these giant dinosaurs! The project to build the dinosaurs began in the 60’s as an attraction for the Wheel Inn Restaurant. They got their big break in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure!


Behind the dinosaurs is also a little exhibit. It seemed like the beginning of a horror movie. It was getting dark & there was no one around. The ‘open’ sign was flashing yet this place seemed abandoned. We started walking through the small trail taking pictures and checking out the little dinosaurs.

We approached a window to pay with no one sight and a chain rope dangling below. I’ve clearly watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds as all that raced through my head was “Get Out!” & we sure did! I was in no mood to in the middle of a new horror movie.

After our wild adventure we headed out to dinner at The Tropicale. We sat outside, where I believe my friends were dying of heat, but I found it comfortable. I must be accustom to the ATL humidity and find dry 100 degree weather just fine!

We ordered a few small plates & shared them all. My favorite was the Firecracker Shrimp! It was spicy, but not killing your taste buds spicy! We also ordered the Pupu platter & I loved the Korean Beef Skewers!

After dinner we headed to one of my favorite pass times… THE CASINO! We walked across the street to the Spa Resort Casino. This Casino was gorgeous & doesn’t reek of cigarette smoke. We walked in to this beautiful water fountain beginning at the ceiling and flowing to the floor.


Dress: Leith | Shoes: Steve Madden @Nordstrom | Duster: Forever21

Now it was time for business. The girls grabbed a drink, but I headed straight to the slot machines! The first machine I won on was 5 Dragons. OMG this game was everything. I hit the bonus rounds 3 times! I put $40 in and was up to $130! I played a few more games and hit a few more bonus rounds but at the end of it I was up $90. I decided it was time to call it quits since I had more than doubled my money!

Monday we celebrated the Birthday Girl at Norma’s at the Parker for brunch. I wanted to live at this hotel. It was breath taking. It had just received a re-model from Jonathan Alder last year & we walked in and our mouths dropped.

We walked through to the restaurant and were welcomed with complimentary smoothies. They were delicious. We celebrated the birthday girl with mimosa’s & brunch.

I highly recommend making a stop here if you’re in Palm Springs. I would have loved to have stayed in this hotel & explored. I’m sure the rooms are even more gorgeous than just the main floor!


Jumpsuit: Velvet Torch @nordstromrack | Shoes: BP @nordstrom | Cross Body: Forever21

Later, we enjoyed a few cocktails at 4 Saints on the roof of the Kimpton Rowan Hotel. The rooftop had a 270 degree view of the valley. I always love a bar with a view & was surprised to hear this is the only rooftop bar in Palm Springs!

Since it was a Monday night we had the outside to ourselves. It was dark I couldn’t see the whole valley. However, when I got up the edge I could see the valley and outline of the hills!

I loved my stay in Palm Springs & would love to go back to visit again! Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite places from the trip!



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