Two Month Blogging Anniversary!

Let me start with THANK YOU!

I just reached my first 1,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you for all your support so I thought I’d share 10 facts about me for all my new followers!

  1. My name is Alexis but I go by AJ & I’ll be turning 30 this year. YES, I can’t believe I’m exiting my 20’s & entering my 30’s! (Tips are greatly appreciated on this transition!)IMG_6046
  2. I’ve lived in Atlanta for almost 3 years. I grew up in Washington & before ATL I’ve only lived in the Seattle area. Moving across the country to a state I’d never been too was exciting! I knew no one… no friends… no family. I’ve learned a lot about myself, many things I never would have known if I didn’t leave home. It’s been difficult at times. I’ve been homesick. I’ve missed my family & friends. I’ve felt trapped in my career. If it was easy I wouldn’t have learned as much & valued this experience, but I’m excited to see what’s next!
  3. I met my boyfriend/best friend/travel partner/soul mate in Atlanta. I wasn’t looking, but one night we found each other & haven’t left each other’s side since then. He’s the reason I moved to Atlanta. I of course didn’t know it at the time, but the universe had a plan, and it was for us to meet (OMG I don’t know when I got so cheesy).
  4. I’m not a fan of reality tv, but boy do I love sci-fi! I don’t know much about celebrities like who they are dating, what song or movie they just did, or really who they are in general. I still get the Kardashians mixed up! So it’s no surprise I have an Autobots tattoo on my arm!
  5. I love to explore. Every chance I get I want to see someplace new. I wasn’t much into History Class in school, but now I love learning about new places and the history of the city.
  6. Give me all the chicken nuggets from McDonalds. I still eat them with sweet & sour sauce. I even know that’s gross…
  7. My idol is Christina Aguilera. I love her voice & growing up I wanted to be her. Her top hits CD is the only CD in my car. If I’m having a bad day I put it on and sing at the top of my lungs to her songs. I’m not nearly as good as she is though πŸ˜‰
  8. Drink of choice: wine. Preferably red! I’ve recently been traveling to all the wineries in Georgia. I find them relaxing, peaceful & beautiful!IMG_5614
  9. Real talk – I constantly struggle with my weight. I’m at the point where I love myself no matter what but I get angry that I don’t work out anymore. Working out for me isn’t about being skinny but rather it makes me feel good. If there is something I’ll be focusing on it’s going to the gym. I’ve said it out loud to you all, to hold myself accountable!
  10. I started blogging in the beginning of July & so far it’s been great! I’m 100% in no way trying to make fun of anyone in this next comment, but I can’t with all the “babes” in instagram. I have one “babe” and that’s my boyfriend. It’s the word of instagram for sure, “thanks babe” or “you’re so cute babe” ok ok I’ll stop. If I ever start saying “babe” someone please remind me of the post!! Hahaha! πŸ™‚




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