My Fall Color: Mustard

Mustard isn’t just for hot dogs, but is a color you won’t be able to miss this fall season! I’m shocked, because it’s not a color I thought would look good on me but I gave it a shot anyway. Let me tell you, I’m so glad I did!

Yellow is not my color, it’s cousin Mustard is much better. It’s a little bit darker and fits to my hair and skin tone.

Don’t put all the yellow you wore during summer away because now you can transition it into fall! Below are two different ways to incorporate some mustard into your wardrobe. Just make sure it’s the color & not the condiment you’re dropping on your shirt! Ha!



I recently snagged this blazer from Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, this Lush blazer is sold out in Mustard, but you can still get it in multiple other colors + it’s under $30!

I paired it with my favorite new sneakers. I’m kind of obsessed with ‘dad sneakers’ so you know a post is coming soon about how to wear them! I love these ones because they are Topshop and under $70!

I’ve had this LBD in my closet for about 2 years now and love the key hole detail! This season you’ll see belts on top of blazers and jackets but I wore it both ways!




I found this dress at Forever 21 and instantly fell in love! I love the sleeve detail and it cinches at the waist! Just don’t look like a mustard bottle in all one color! So I broke up the solid color with my Hermes belt!

It doesn’t look like it but these are actually a light brown suede OTK boots! I’ve had these boots for years now and they are a go-to every fall. Find a good pair of OTK boots and buy them in brown & black 🙂 To add a little pop to the mustard and brown I grabbed my off white Celine handbag.

IMG_5997 2IMG_6008IMG_5472

However, just because I’m in love with this color, I won’t be going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. If anything I’ll had a pair of mules to my wardrobe like these Steve Madden that are under $80 and have a fabulous stud detail!



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  1. tom says:

    Just theright amount of mustard and spicey too


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