My Magical 30th Birthday

Well the day finally came… I’ve officially exited my 20’s and entered my 30’s.

Dreams do come true as I spent my birthday in the most Magical Kingdom of all! Not only did we spend the day at Disney World, but we also managed to make it to the beach!

I work retail so of course taking time off in December is difficult, but I luckily got Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off. Justin and I made the trek to Florida right after work on Monday and headed straight to his parents house in Florida.

After spending the morning with his parents and hitting up our first buffet we headed out to Orlando. We arrived at The Point Orlando Resort. The staff was exceptional and we received a free room upgrade… Happy Birthday to Me! Plus, look how cute these decorations were!


I was ready in my Christmas sweater to head to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom. This would be my first time EVER at Disney World! I’ve been to Disneyland multiple times, but never the Mecca! 

I dislike crowds more than anything so we opted for the Christmas party that began at 8 pm and ended at midnight. Hands down the best choice. It was Tuesday, December 11th and we walked in to mayhem. The parade was getting ready to start and there were people everywhere!


Despite all the people I wanted to run around the whole park to check everything out, holding back tears as it was so beautiful to look at. While everyone was checking out the 1st parade we went from ride to ride. The longest wait was 15 minutes, while everything else was 5 or under!

Space Mountain ended up being scarier than I could have imagined. I sat in the very front of the ride, by myself, since it’s a one seater. It’s pitch black and you’re zooming through the dark. That’s not what scared me. I’m clearly getting old as what scared me was if the ride broke I would be the first person to hit the fallen object in front of me that I can’t see!

Once the clock struck 10 pm the park really emptied out. I didn’t have to wait in line for food or rides or the free egg nog/hot chocolate that they had scattered throughout the park. True bliss 🙂


Then the magic happened… well the whole night was magical… but the fireworks! I could post hundreds of pictures and videos, but I’ll spare you. They just don’t do justice and you have to be there to really experience the magic!


The night came to an end a little after midnight and we headed back to the hotel. I was looking forward to waking up and our small road trip to St. Pete Beach to relax for a day! I’m lucky to have Justin who doesn’t mind driving to all these places and enjoys all these road trips as much as I do! 🙂


Wednesday was my official birthday and Justin had planned out our trip perfectly. He had a birthday surprise at 1 pm in St. Pete Beach and we arrived at 12:55. I love surprises so I could hardly contain myself to find out what it was. 

When we arrived I instantly knew what we were doing… COUPLES MASSAGE! I about died I was so happy! I’ve never had a massage before. OMG it was fabulous & I was so relaxed!


Next stop, our hotel on the beach! We arrived at Grand Plaza Hotel and I was ready to hit the beach. We went to the outside bar on the beach and I was able to enjoy a complimentary cocktail (I use Expedia for my hotels and try to find VIP hotels, as we always get free things! It’s totally worth it!).

It’s December, but the beach is still warm enough to sit outside. It made me really re-think my living situation, but then realized I would NOT be able to handle the summers in Tampa!


Next on the list – DINNER CRUISE! I’ve never done a dinner cruise before so this was a trip full of firsts! It was a tad cold, but I can’t complain as I’m on a boat in December! We did Starlite Cruise and the Buffet was amazing, yes we did another buffet! All in all, it was a great price for food, booze, and a boat ride!


We arrive back at our hotel after the cruise and go to the bar on the 12 floor of our hotel. I wish it wasn’t so windy because it was beautiful up there, but I was too cold to sit and enjoy myself for more than 15 minutes! This hotel really has it all though!

Thursday morning we woke up and of course head to the breakfast buffet at the hotel. Well, this buffet took the cake. I mean they had everything & everything was amazing! From French Toast to biscuits and gravy and everything in between! I highly recommend their buffet & yes, this was our 4th buffet of the trip!

After breakfast it was time to chill at the beach. We got our little cabana and I was on dolphin patrol! I saw 7 dolphins, but Justin never saw any & thinks I made them up every time I saw them. He was too busy playing with our camera and taking picture of birds…


It was the perfect way to spend my 30th birthday!


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